Wednesday, May 5, 2010

...yeah almost there!

316. I truly believe in under-promising and over-delivering!

317. Always do what you say what you are going to do. Doers who communicate build credibility

318. Diana has a boyfriend- SO CUTE!!! We ask her "Diana, who is your boyfriend?" and she says "Jo Jo!" xoxoxo

319. I got to speak to a group of elite HR Directors in the Boston area this week...I was so nervous before the meeting and it ended up being so much fun...I am so glad I did it and so happy it was great exposure for our firm too!!

320. jello shots anyone? Wow...we used to make those for our parties in college...I made them a few years ago for a company trip to Foxwoods...going to attempt them again for girls night on Sat...stay tuned!! (seems like I am desperate for fun huh? Hey I digress!)

321. The pic above is from Sel De La Terre

322. Started training for a 5K again...on a long-term Boston Marathon training program with a very special friend...we hope to run it by next year but it may take us 2 to get there...nevertheless, we are working together and very motivated!

323. I am so proud to say that our firm is doing business with several of the fastest growing and most profitable companies in Massachusetts right now...woohoo!

324. Elmo still rocks!

325. I was just taught what russian olive is and just realized it has been one of my favorite smells for years...need to get some in my yard asap


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