Sunday, November 22, 2009

WHS Boosters Presents the Windham Jammin' Jaguars Vs. The Court Jesters

Like the Harlem Globe Trotters, The Court Jesters were an amazing and hysterical ex-pro comedic basketball team and they came to town Friday night to play some of our local celebrities (and town faves) :)

For the WHS Boosters, the night was a rousing success. We raised not only enough money to purchase our new mascot costume but we now have some money in the bank and that has been a victory in the making. This fundraiser event was double the success our comedy night was last Summer.

We had a ball- alot of work but so worth it! Our family especially enjoyed it as Rob was a true crowd pleaser- he even scored a few baskets!

Enjoy the pix
The couple that I am in are with some of my closest Windham gals who I have had the pleasure getting closer with because of Boosters- quality people- just another gift

You will also see, our club President, another dear friend "joking with the jesters" and Windham's own Carson Desrosiers...Central Catholic HS student just recruited and getting a full boat to Wake Forest..from the pix, I am sure you will see why!!


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