Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rachel Ray to the Rescue!

My thoughtful hubby brought a treat home for me this weekend- the new issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray.

I was already a big fan of hers and an avid viewer of some of her hit shows- 30 Minute Meals, $40 a Day and Rachel Ray's Weekend Getaways.

Her magazine is also chock full of fantabulous recipes and articles but what I am finding most helpful is her meal planner.

She gives you meal suggestions for every day of the month and I have already made a few of the recipes.

I tried one of her new apps- Shrimp with White cocktail Sauce before I served my famous veggie lasagna for dinner on Sunday. On Monday night, we enjoyed her Chicken and Spinach Tortilla Bake and then last night her Zucchini Stoup was a big hit! Tonight, since it is just the two of us and "the Monk" I will be attempting to make her Rizzotto Fritters/Balls and Wilted Spinach.

The kids and Rob always make fun of me because of the "supper ruts" I get into...for instance for the entire first year of our marriage...Monday night meant Salsa Chicken night....for the past year...due to the tough economic times, Monday nights have meant Chicken Taco Night...I love it and so does nice that he shares in this enthusiasm HOWEVER I get the rolling of the eyes from Rob and Ally....this week, however, I got several YUMS and this is SO now I am excited and ready to try new recipes.

The great part is that her recipes are healthy AND cost effective....check out her magazine or even go to (I get most of my recipes there...and she and Tyler Florence are my faves!)


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