Sunday, October 25, 2009

WHS Jaguars Football Team "For a Cause"

As you know, Zack is a proud Jaguar. He is #56 on the WHS Football team and he is a true leader.

He was named one of the captains again; this time for the big homecoming game against rival- the Pelham Pythons.

The game was close and exciting but in the end the Jaguars were defeated 12-6.

What has impressed me most with this team is their undying spirit and unity. They have learned what it is like to face the toughest life situations that we are sometimes burdened with. One of their team members' mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer. As a result, the boys decided to wear pink for awareness. As you will see in this only picture I took (as it was a monsoon!), their socks are glowing brightly!

Very touching....very inspiring...and proud to be a parent even more so :)


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