Saturday, October 31, 2009

While they are on my mind...

Random Thoughts...I just love....

Tyler Florence

Rachel Ray


The way Diana says "nnnooooo!!!" (espcially during the Elmo section of Sesame Street when Elmo asks the kids questions...her answer is always "nnoooooo!")


Michael Kors

Cass...Laurie...Beth...Heather...Trish and all of my loyal and (some new) Windham friends...don't know what I would do without them..can't imagine that I ever lived without them...such a blessing when different people come into your life at different times

Rizzotto Balls!

The way I got the love of Halloween from my watching Disney's Ichabod and the Headless Horseman each year with the kiddos and Rob...I used to watch it with my dad every year and he would always say "I love it because it used to scare the shit out of me when I was a kid" priceless! mother always being Harriett the Homemaker..would sit us down for a "light supper" before going Trick-or-Treating each year...the "light supper" was cheese souffle...I can still taste it..and remember sitting with my brother at the drop-leaf table in front of the bay window as the sky turned dusky outside...warms my heart

watching a football the high school level...decide to wear pink in their homecoming honor of a very special woman from town (mom of one of their teammates) who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer...then chatting with her after her 15 hour surgery and all she could do was smile and tell me how great she is feeling...really puts much into prospective...unreal

Glee! Can't explain it...a high school show that focuses on the Glee geeks and the football team for the most part...guess I could relate as I gravitated towards both of these groups

The way "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus came on the radio at 5:10pm every day that I took the boys home from football practice

Running and getting back into it

Trish's cranberry goat cheese festive

Yogi detox tea

American Eagle

photographing people in love

Fois's espresso brownies....not only did he come to Zack's homecoming game BUT made a batch of brownies for our family and they are a Wolfgang Puck recipe AND deadly

Radio Flyer

Modern Family

some of the kids new slang words....Biznatches and Shiznit...just kill me

our new pastor

my sweet...warm...cuddly little girl...just trying to hold on to as many of these moments as possible


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