Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ice Storm

Well I hate the Winter and I only stay here because my family and friends are here but honestly it is getting more and more painful. This ice storm takes the cake.

I need to preface everything by saying that I am grateful that we are all safe and warm and that there is no damage to our home.

I am also grateful for our generous families who have taken us in and I appreciate the wonderful offers from endless friends to do the same.

We had an ice storm and lost power as of 1am on Friday. We are still without power now although most folks in our town have it now. The first two nights we stayed in a motel (Rob was worried because we lost some trees in our yard and we have a wooded lot so it was risky to stay) and then it got cold-real cold. We then stayed at my parents on Saturday night and we have been with his parents since.

It is inconvenient and crazy and exhausting. Diana is so disoriented. We are fighting through it though and actually enjoying being together as a family and sharing some quality time with Grammy and Papa on the other side of Windham.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you struggling right now.


Kerry Lynn said...

Wow. that telephone photo is crazy! For some reason I have missed all the news about this storm.
Hope tomorrows storm doesn't make things worse for you guys!

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