Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Beginning of Winter and Bill's Annual Family Christmas Party

So we had a snow storm on Friday...pretty much started right when we got our power back- ha ha!! You have to laugh because if you didn't, you would go crazy. Anyway, Mother Nature dumped a foot of snow on us...Thank God for Papa again...he came and plowed us out!

His reward after was a hot cup of Joe out of the Keurig (and we recruited Keurig's newest fan) and some cookies. We talked about how much fun we had under the circumstances with no power. We are very lucky to have such a great family.

Anyway, we were able to get to Bill's house in York Maine yesterday for a few hours. Diana got to see one of her best friends, Baby Ava.

Had a great time with some of our work friends- Steve and Mary, Fois and Shannon, Kim, Dave and Tammy and Dee and Rich. All the kiddos were present too. I am thankful for my second family :)


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