Tuesday, November 18, 2008

North Conway!

Cass and Steve included us in their weekend up at North Conway! It was such a great time...very relaxing and different from anything else we had done.

We headed up on Friday evening and it was a scary ride down the Kangamangus (probably not even spelling it right BUT not a fan of that road...dark...windy...and no cell service for 45 mins so whatever!) Those of you who know me, know I was FREAKING OUT!

Anyway, it was worth the horror show when when got there. The condo was BEAUTIFUL! I made lasagna so we enjoyed a nice dinner and then chilled in front of an awesome fireplace. Diana did so well too. She slept most of the ride up there and then was such a good girl.

On Saturday we enjoyed coffee and bagels and then headed to the outlets. Well, the trip to the Gap was worth the trip to the outlets. I got SO MANY Christmas gifts! The kicker of it all is that Cass had friends and family coupons and we ended up saving HUNDREDS of dollars :) You know those awesome puffer vests that everyone is sporting these days? Well they had every imaginable color and Cass and I got the hot pink ones with the mink fur...they ended up only being $24.50 each- OUTSTANDING!

After the Gap, we went our separate ways to get some more shopping done. The rain was pretty bad and we didn't want to keep Diana out in it so we only made one more stop and that was to Old Navy and again, I got some great gifts including the most beautiful winter coat for Diana.

After the outlets, we grabbed pizza and then headed back to the condo. We relaxed for awhile and Cass made us some drinks. Zack and Ally enjoyed the ping pong table in the lower level of this 5 LEVEL PLACE!! They also enjoyed eating up Diana all weekend and Ally was like her little mom- NO SURPRISE!!! She is just a pro with feedings and changing and entertaining her- it is so precious.

Amy and Jerry came up with their kids Gabrielle and Griffin around 5 and we all headed to an awesome dinner at Merlino's- we had a blast! Jerry always has the greatest stories and we all belly laugh when he is around. Diana decided to put the joke on us though and took the biggest poop of her life so far...she pooped through her clothes and we had to change everything in the middle of the restaurant while she laughed and squealed...she was hysterical!

Back at the condo, we played a fun game of Scene It..though I retired to the bed early thanks to Cass's wonderful Caramel Apple Martinis and Amy's "Magic Cheese Squares"..yeah I was pretty much in sugar shock.

On Sunday, we relaxed for a bit and then headed over to the heated pool and hot tub....that was a great end to our awesome weekend.

The ride home was so much better...we went through the Lakes Region AND we had cell service the whole time- THANK GOD!!!

Enjoy the pix!


Kerry Lynn said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! That sounds so nice!

Look at Diana smiling!! She's so pretty :-)

Sharon said...

I can't believe how big Diana is and how much hair she has!! Time goes by so fast! Too fast for me. Love and Miss you all!!

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