Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008!

We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST yesterday!!!

First we went to Daddy's work at Oracle for the trick-or-treating party. It was fun to finally see where Dad works and meet all of the great people he works with. Of course, Diana, aka the Baby Fairy, was a big hit!

We then headed over to Mimi and Papa's. We had a little Halloween Party last night and enjoyed my appetizers- cocktail meatballs and shrimp in puff pastry along with my Halloween Cocktails- Pomegranate Cosmos. Later on, once Gina and Rob arrived, we had a carmelized onion pizza from Bertucci's which was awesome.

Auntie Mar came over for a visit and Baby Diana just can't get enough of her! She was even talking to her in her own little baby language :) we got buzzed and feasted we got soooo silly and could not get enough of our Baby Fairy!

It was a blast handing out candy too- my parents have the PERFECT neighborhood in Stoneham for Trick-Or-Treating!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Jacinda said...

Oh my gosh!!! Baby fairy is the cutest!!

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