Saturday, November 29, 2008

Diana's First Thanksgiving!

We had such a wonderful holiday...we all agreed that it was probably our favorite Thanksgiving area!!!

We started the day by participating in our very first Windham Turkey Trot...we opted to walk and we did the 3 mile race. We saw so many friends from town and really felt like a big part of the community! The weather was nice and mild and Diana enjoyed the entire race from the stroller :)

We got teeshirts so you will see Diana with a teeshirt!

Later on, we enjoyed dinner at Mimi's and what a dinner it was...we feasted on turkey, three kinds of stuffing including the famous Breton French Pork Stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, corn, roasted sweet potatoes with red onions and honey, goat cheese and pecan salad, rolls, croissants, crimp bread, cranberry bread, corn muffins...and then dessert!

For dessert, there were 6 kinds of pie alone! Then my mom's FANTASTIC pumpkin cheesecake, applesauce jumble cookies and chocalate covered cranberries. Ahhh....the over-indulgence of our Italian clan!!!

We made sure to capture some photos of Diana next to the turkey...the turkey weighed more than her of course....22 pounds to her 12 :)

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday!


Jen Ross said...

The "baby next to the turkey" photos are so priceless!! Who does that?! I love them. Thank goodness the turkey didn't take 9 months in the oven- hee hee! I keep my eye on the blog all time and am so glad to see you happy and well. Love and miss you!!!

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