Monday, October 13, 2008

So how did I do?

How did I do going back to work? I think I did o.k but not nearly as great as I thought I would before I had a baby. I used to think I was so strong and used to be proud of everything I accomplished. Now I seem to be beating myself up and I find myself crying so much. The worst part is that people have noticed and I thought I did a great job at hiding it. is an ongoing adjustment and this week was much more rough than we anticipated. Our daycare provider, who we had some reservations about already, tried to double our price overnight AND via email..can you believe it? Most people can' one word? PSYCHO!! So even if I felt calm about everything, this would have thrown a wrench into adjusting anyway. We feel lucky that we found out right away. We followed our intuition and ended up putting a deposit in with a local daycare center and thank God we did. Diana starts there tomorrow and we are actually excited! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I am plugging away. I have a beautiful baby girl and she seems to be getting better and better and growing more and more! The good news is that our insurance company is going to cover the expense of her special formula which will be a huge help!

Enough of this serious and depressing talk though....enjoy these pix of Diana at 7 weeks. She is really enjoying bath time and the changing table and she is revving up for Halloween!! :)

We are looking forward to Harvestfest in York this weekend too!


Kerry Lynn said...

It sounds to me like you're handling things completely normally!

This is not easy, especially going back to work and leaving your baby.

Finding a daycare you're comfortable with is a huge help but don't forget that your hormones are a MESS right now so please don't blame your ability to deal with things. You are still the strong person you always were but there are crazy chemicals running through your body and brain that are causing you to react differently than you expect you would.

Keep up the good work but also don't forget to ask for help!

Anonymous said...

Oh Holly, My heart goes out to you. We are in the search for a nanny, but have no clue of where to start. The daycares here are not up to par!! We are also trying to hunt down a pediatric, but again there is a short supply here. It gets very fustrating. I glad to hear that the US insurance does cover some stuff. That is one of the reasons that we will stay here, because almost everything is covered alone by the nation health care. Plus the maternity leave is much better, so I can make the most of my time with the baby. I wish I was closer to you, but it seems that you have a lot of great friends and family around you!! You are so lucky! I envy you.
Well, I really miss and love you all. Big Kisses, Sharon

Jacinda said...

Well I have to tell you that you look great! SUCH gorgeous photos of you and Diana together. You MUST do something special with them. Take care of yourself Holly, I'm thinking of you.

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