Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yummy YAMA :)

Ally and I had a special night on Saturday...yeah a little behind with my posting. She is my Love Bug and we haven't spent much time together we decided to grab some Japanese and then head to our favorite bookstore.

We tried YAMA in Andover for the first time and it was terrific. Of course, it lead me to long for sushi again but there were plenty of cooked options for me and I endulged!

We started with firecracker salmon rolls which were like a cooked spring roll with salmon instead of shrimp in them. They also had various greens which we were trying to guess but somehow left with that still being a mystery. The other appetizer we tried was a softshell crab tempura and that was really good! Then of course, we ordered our standard fave- steamed shumai- delish!

Then Ally ate and enjoyed sushi for the both of us....she got a honkin' dragon roll and an alaskan roll and she was quite pleased. I got an order of the Japanese Saba first time trying them and they were great!!!

Of course we had to wrap up the dinner with our fave dessert...fried ice know I am enjoying this while it lasts..11 more weeks of food fun until the diet kicks in!!!

After dinner, we headed over to Barnes and Noble in Salem and I got my latest Emily Griffin book "Baby Proof", Ally grabbed a Seventeen Magazine and we enjoyed fancy coffee drinks while we chatted and giggled about the boy working behind the counter who was eating a piece of pizza for hours! We eventually got to our reading materials later at home :)

Very fun girly night...check out Yama!


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