Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dear Diana at 30 Weeks!

Dear Diana,

Can you believe it is already two months/8 weeks since I wrote you your first letter? Time flies when you are having fun!

You have been moving so much and kicking up a storm! Even though the doctors told me that my placenta attached to the front of my uterus and I probably won't feel as much as the "normal mom", I can still feel you. Sometimes it feels like you are kicking and others times it feels like you are trying to give me a high five with your little hand....I also think I am feeling your hiccups and I always wonder..."Did she not like that cereal I just ate? Did I just drink too much water?" Nevertheless, I LOVE feeling you! Daddy got to feel a few of your kicks too! Usually he gets to feel you when we are trying to fall asleep at night...I think you are just trying to find your comfortable position....it is so much fun, though, to feel your movements!

I will miss that once you are here BUT I can't wait for you to get here!!!! I know I will miss sleeping but I cannot wait to hold my daughter in my arms and know that everything is going to be okay.

Daddy and Papa Bob already assembled your crib and changing table so we are getting closer on having your room completely done!

Unfortunately Aunt Syl passed away last month so you will not get to meet her here...who knows, though, maybe you have already met her in heaven...she would have LOVED you. She was already planning too and made you two blankets! Grammy already gave me one and it is hanging on your crib...just waiting for you. So you will always have a piece of Aunt Syl with you :)

You are moving right now as I type...I know you are reminding me that you are there....like I could forget!

It is 100 degrees today in New England...I have been okay though...wanna know why? I spend my days in an office that blasts the AC and I come home and make sure that we blast the new ACs at home too!! :) I hope you are comfortable...oh I can't wait to meet you my little baby girl!!!

Love, Mommy


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