Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lucy Halliday Enters the World!

This is Baby Lucy's Blog Debut! She was born in late November but just got to come home on New Year's Eve. Lucy was only 2 lbs when she was born and has already made some progress- she is up to 4lbs now and doing well with her feedings.

Lucy is the baby girl of my best friends Ann Marie and Ish Halliday. Ann Marie battled through a very complicated pregnancy and early delivery of her little cherub.

She is doing better now and we are all grateful..it was touch and go and so scary to look at one of your best friends...your age...laying in intensive care...she is one of my heroes even more now!

Her strength is inspirational and she makes me look at all that we should be grateful for.

Little Lucy is not out of the woods yet and needs all the prayers she can get.

I am posting some pictures so you can all see this perfect little rosebud...we think she looks like Ish already! :)


Mark Seavey said...

I don't know what caused me to google Ish today, but I was a friend of his at UMASS. Glad to see he's doing well. Although I only got to hang with him for 1 year, dude was hilarious.

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