Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Caiden Turns 1!

My godson Caiden turned 1 on Saturday and his parents threw him a swanky birthday brunch! We had so much fun snuggling this little darling...he is just so good all the time!!!!

Cory, whom many of you know, is a chef in his own right and such a fabulous cook, just outdid himself! (We also discovered that he got this talent from his mom!) Cory made awesome eggs, ham, potatoes and a french toast casserole and his mom made these wonderful quiches and a great fruit platter...just when we thought it was all out...Cory brought out a lamb roast too...outstanding!

The cake, as you will see below, was made by my very talented best friend Julie...one of Caiden's best friends, Pooh Bear, is featured on top! You will also see that Caidens pals joined in the festivities.

Julie also put together a wonderful video and photo montage of Caiden's first year- it was awesome! I am getting such good ideas :)

I can't believe it has already been a year...it seems like yesterday I was holding him in the hospital...it has been a year!


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