Sunday, January 20, 2008

Book Club January 08

So....we finally had our long awaited book club meeting to discuss Eat, Pray, Love....what I can tell you is that we ate sooo much!

Our meeting was at Tracey's house and she does everything top shelf...she made the best puff pastry, pesto appetizers and a grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and cheese....I made a new cocktail meatball recipe that is made with grape jelly and chili sauce..Cass made her famous mexican dip (delish) and "Coach Lynn" brought these wonderful little grilled toasts with goat cheese and olive spread and then Laurie showed up!

She went with the theme of the book and and brought some really cool Indian food from Kashmir.

Then there was dessert! I know what you are thinking. Wasn't it supposed to be a book club meeting? Like I said, Tracey does it up!!!

We had a ball talking about the book and a thousand other things of course! We agreed to go to the movie when it comes out...I guess Julia Roberts will be playing the author- should be good!

Our next book was chosen too...we decided on "She's Come Undone" by Wally Lamb! Stay tuned.


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