Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Favorites (April 7, 2017)

I know I always say I am so happy to see Friday...and FRI YAY...and such :)

It was a crazy busy week albeit very fun one too.

I dont' know what it is about Springtime, however, that feels crazy busy.  I mean we are so busy with cheer and other activities in the fall but nothing feels as crazy as Spring....I will take it though...this is what life is all about...
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PTA Loves

I think I have mentioned before that I LOVE this PTA.  I feel like making new friends there is an added bonus of being part of a group that does so much for the schools.  We have agreed that we have become friends and now our "working lunches" have become even more fun.  

Cheer Comp

So we had a snowstorm last Friday night into Saturday.  Our original plans were to go down to Providence on Friday night and stay over for Diana's cheer comp.  Well, the girls weren't competing until the afternoon and that coupled with the awful weather, we decided to make the trek down on Saturday morning instead and it worked out well.
Robby B drove us all down and kept us safe in the process (yes of course I had to snap a selfie) ;)

The girls got to meet one of our "Cheer Gods" from UMD, Eric.  He has his own cheer equipment company now called "Stunt Double."  He let the girls try out some of the equipment before they had to meet up with their team- they had a blast.
Eric now works for the Boston Celtics and several cheer teams across New England.

When it was time for the girls to compete, they rocked it.  They placed 3rd- not too shabby!

 After the comp, a group of us hit PF Chang's in Providence.  I haven't been there in so long and the chicken lettuce wraps are still amazing!

Visits with Mimi and Papa

The girls love spending time with their grandparents.  When Mimi and Papa came up last Sunday, I made us a great "Greek Dinner".  We had grilled lamb and chicken, Greek Salad and this Spring Risotto.  If you missed my post yesterday, you can check out this easy recipe HERE 

and the snuggles from Mimi weren't so bad either ;)

Favorite Memes of the Week

Red Sox Opening Day! case you didn't was Red Sox opening day on Monday at Fenway...that means it is officially Spring- woohooo!!!

My fam got in on the action....

Robby B


and Eva (her work at school) just priceless :)

Big Little Lies come I just heard about this series this week!
Lea told me to watch it and before she knew it, I not only caught up to her but watched the ENTIRE SEASON....Rob watched it with me and we both agreed, it was incredible!!!  I am sad it is over..I wanted it to last but all good things must come to an end.  It is based on the book by Liane Moriarty.  Have you watched it?  Do yourself a favor and get some won't be able to NOT binge watch it!

Favorite Eats of the Week

I kind of impressed myself with these fish tacos- I took coconut encrusted haddock and made a fruit salsa and a cilantro yogurt sauce...they came out so good!  I then used some of the left over sauce on my eggs the next morning- delish!

"Lea's Birthday Week"

I say this because her hubby Mike teases her and always says she celebrates all week.  
We did our fair share of celebrating for her

Her favorite, "Large Unsweetened Iced Teas"
Facebook Shout Outs

Virtual Golf at Aktinson Country Club- so fun!

(and Rob made me snap a selfie of my golf outfit- he loved it- I love it too- so comfy)

Long Overdue Spa Time!

and a bday lunch with the SPBs!  (No it wasn't my birthday but I got to benefit too- thanks Mike) ;)

The professional "Dotty Shots"

That is our nickname for the Daddy Daughter Dance because that is what Diana called it when she was little.  I LOVE the way this pic came out of Rob and the girls :)

Grammy Coming Home!

Rob's Mom got home from the hospital on Wednesday.  Everyone is happy to have her home...especially the kiddos.  It has been difficult and she was just diagnosed with Parkinson's so we are praying and keeping the faith.
Pidge jumped right in bed with her upon her return :)
There ya have it!  Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


A Gal Named Al said...

I haven't read or seen BLL but I have HBO for free for a few months, so I need to get on it! There's a shirt being sold at a little store in my neighborhood that says, "I can't. My kid has practice." You need one of those! I've become a chauffeur instead of a mom lately. Have a fun weekend!

Kristi Griedl said...

It's been so. Yay for you! Great job to your little for getting 3rd place! They look so cute up there! Totally love your golf outfit and that quote about being perfect for the people who need you. Absolutely agree! Have a great weekend!

Gina said...

Girl!! I just blogged about Big Little Lies AND our dear Red Sox! This is going to be an amazing year!
Gina from Girl on the Cusp

Tara Usher @ Mommy in a Nutshell said...

Love those little cheerleaders! I say it to you all the time but I really don't know how you do SO MUCH in a week. You are my #momgoals.

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