Friday, May 1, 2015

Insta Friday (Insta April!)

Usually Insta-Friday is a recap of your week...through the eyes of your iPhone....grainy...blurry....beautiful little moments...this is a recap of the beautiful moments from my April


Practicing for the Styles and S.M.I.L.E.S Breast Cancer Fashion Show

Last ECE Cheer Comp of the Season- Eva enjoying her "pal" Beth  Ann!

The most beautiful paradise of Grand Cayman

Pidge playing with Mimi while we were away

Miss Sassy Pants

Pure sweetness

Alana's Bday Party

A Sleeping Pigeon

and...yet...another celebration for Alana at Margaritas


Eva is a year old did that happen?  Thank you to Karen of Sinfully Sweet Treats for an amazing cake!

Cass brought this amazine wine I can't find it...sold out reserve....delish!


Catching Up at The Village Bean....during April Vaca

Pure Drama


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