Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013!

Halloween 2013!

We started the festivities this week on Monday night....we did our carving because Miss Thing had cheerleading on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

We had fun...we played Halloween music and got silly

We only got one pumpkin, ONE, from our garden this year (epic fail) AND it was mutant
We called it "Rob's Mutant Breton Pumpkin"
He made the most of it and carved that bad boy...check it out!
looks like a pumpkizucchini....

and then we lit 'em favorite part

During the day, yesterday, on Halloween, Diana had her school party
I look a vacation day so I could help glad I did...these are the best days!

This was the outfit she wore to school....showing her Halloween Spirit!

 Mrs. Pappalardo's AM Class!

Diana and Owen

Diana and "AnnBarie"

If you couldn't tell from the above pictures, Diana is a Pop Star...really didn't have the full effect until later on, when we finally incorporated the pink wig..her favorite part!

Bedros.....our neighborhood....has had a tradition for years and that is that everyone gets together and goes trick-or-treating together...lots of times the dads take the kiddos out and the moms will hang together but last night....there was lots of swapping and hanging out.....snapped a few pics while the kiddos were at our house....and of course of the couple of festive dishes I put together in case anyone got hungry...hey I'm Italian...there can never be enough food around ;)

Mummy Pizzas and Mummy Dogs

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!  Diana sure did :)  
Can only imagine what Diana will want to be next year...maybe Baby Eva will be able to talk some sense into her ;)


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