Thursday, October 31, 2013

We are Expecting....Again!

I am 40...and I am pregnant!
It was a long, hard decision and big risk but we knew things were and always are in God's hands.
We knew we wanted to have a little playmate for Diana.  We wanted to complete our family.

Due to my age, I opted for a very new fetal abnormality test called Maternity 21.
It is amazing how far science has come, even over the last 5 years (since I had Diana!)
This new test is done by taking a sample of the mother's blood.  The test is able to check the chromosones in the fetus's blood through the mother's blood- unbelievable!

I hit the 12 week mark last Sunday...that is when things get a bit more safe but we still didn't make the announcement until we got our results yesterday....looks like everything is fine...AND...
it is another girl!!!!!

Yes...Rob is still alive...although he is proclaiming that this little girl will play hockey...I think figure skating sounds much better ;)

The kids are all so is amazing how much magic and happiness a baby brings to the world.

Diana is ecstatic...when we first told her she squealed and said "now I don't have to wait anymore!"
She says Good Morning and Good Night to the baby and already is calling her by her name...

Our baby girl....we decided yesterday will be named
Eva Teresa

Logistically, I am ecstatic...we saved so much't wait to go through everything!!!

So so thankful to God for making everything okay...for watching out for us....for taking care of me and this baby...for answering our prayers

Stay tuned on more baby news....
Baby Eva is due in early May :)


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