Sunday, June 2, 2013

Strawberry Festival 2013!

It was the 30th Annual Strawberry Festival in Windham NH

This event is the town's largest each year and it is put on by F.L.O.W

Being on the board of FLOW, it was my first year "On Staff"

I got there at 6:45am to start setting up and helped the team to get everything ready

It was really fun to be "behind the scenes" and actually get to do the physical labor...despite the heat...I really enjoyed myself.

Of course, I did not capture any pictures of the work and progress and set up; later on I just captured the fun

Diana and her pal Alice enjoying the bouncy houses and games

Later on, she HAD to get her face painted of course :)

I took pix of our scholarship winners with our President Pam

 Christine and Kate "Our Winners"
Kate and her Parents

Christine and Her Parents

and then to cap off the festival, Rob's Band "Sunglasses at Night" played....they rocked!  My parents and Rob's dad came to enjoy their set as well!

and here are their "groupies"...ha ha!!  Diana with her pals Lila and Emerson

Very successful day....really enjoyed glad the Summer is will never hear me complain about the heat....because you all know I much I HATE the winter!!!


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