Friday, June 14, 2013

A Week in my Life....I was SO much better at capturing the daily magic this week....slowly learning how to am a work in progress

Dentist= NO CAVITIES!  woohoo :)

Night Out with an old friend

Shopping for ZB's Graduation Bash

Saturday Night at Wasabi!

and the State Championship Volleyball Game after dinner

Unwinding on our deck...FINALLY!!

Sunday Morning Bagel for the Monk

Back at the pool...


NH All Star Volleyball Game

WHS Volleyball Coach's Award!

Bubbles....America's Favorite Past Time

Zach's Yearbook!

"Obsesses Of Ally" Diana says

 and the "Flush Out Cancer" effort.....

Hope you all had a great has been one of anticipation....emotion...sadness and excitement for us as we prepare for Zach's graduation

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