Friday, September 28, 2012

Insta Friday (September 27, 2012)

Insta Friday 

life rearranged

A Week in the Life...

I noticed this week that everything looks pleasant HOWEVER soccer has been rough...lots of crying and screaming...we are hoping she comes around

and I seem to only catch pix when I am with my daughter because she is the one that reminds me to stop and smell the roses most of the time

Never really capture the hours I am in my office which is ALOT :)  P.S not complaining...just don't have time to click

Someone was a PERFECT patient...the doctor said she is just "perfect" AND ended up being her "best patient ever" as she didn't even cry during TWO shots!

A promised cookie for being so good ;)

 and more treats from Mimi...she is not spoiled or anything...ha ha!

Halloweentown is in full effect

Friday Night Lights- nothing better (especially when you beat your arch rival!)

Soccer Smiles- hard to believe

I have really grown to love Fall

A true blast at Alice's birthday party!

Family Dinner

Gotta love these glasses...they speak volumes

Hope you all had a great week!  Linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged

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hotpants™ said...

Both of my littles are playing soccer this year. They love it.

Stopping by from InstaFriday. TGIF!

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