Friday, September 14, 2012

Insta Friday (September 14, 2012)

life rearranged

Capturing the beauty in every day life with my iPhone

Starbucks in Target?  FOR THE WIN!

Nap on the way to the football game?  FOR THE WIN!

1st Day at our new Dance School?  FOR THE WIN!

1st Day of Soccer....started out rough but ended up great...FOR THE WIN!

A Few Last 80 degree days in September- FOR THE WIN!

Daddy heating up Mimi's homemade Apple Crisp?  FOR THE WIN!

Feeding Our Baby the Apple Crisp?  FOR THE WIN!

My first site stepping out my front door for a power walk with my neighbor friend?  PRICELESS

Hope everyone had a beautiful week...I enjoyed quality time and enjoying our beautiful home life
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