Monday, August 23, 2010

Papa's 69th Birthday!

What a blast we had!

We ate and drank until we couldn't anymore...mexican dip, tostitoes, cheesy appetizers, frozen pina coladas..and then...gnoccis with Mimi's homemade "gravy" and birthday cake and the mixed berry pie from Apple Orchards...delish...too much but delish!

We laughed so hard, I almost passed out. (some of the laughs were at the baby's expense) as we tormented her telling her Chucky Cheese was coming for cake (she is still a bit scare of him and she wasn't going to let him in the house!)

We wrapped up the day with an extremely competitive game of Scattegories...Zack totally got into that game and I knew he would...he won of course!

Happy Birthday are the BOMB! xoxoxo


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