Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Separation Anxiety

Well it was only a matter of time...hopefully it is a phase. Diana has freaked out the last two mornings as I try to leave to go to work...it is heart wrenching. She screams and cries and clings on to me. When Rob steps in to help soothe her, she gets even more mad and yells No No!!

Zack called me tonight on my way home to tell me that it doesn't get much better after I leave...he kills me. I can tell he is surprised by this and he is so thoughtful and sensitive. He always wants to make sure everything is okay.

My poor little Monkey...the good news though? Once she is at school, she is very excited!

Enjoy these recent pix of her enjoying some of her favorite treats like her "baguulll!" and then sharing a pop with her big bro :)


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