Friday, July 23, 2010

Right Now...

Right now...

I am enjoying walking out to my deck every night to pick fresh basil and then bringing it in to help me make the perfect caprese salads...along with my newest fave... golden plum tomatoes

I love how much The Fresh Beats entertain Diana

I am excited about starting our theater company in town...we have named ourselves The Windham Actors Guild...looks like our first show will be in January...stay tuned

on a California kick with the wines right now...passion for the flavors of the Central Coast area

loving the way Diana takes care of her baby....talks to her and even gives her time outs- hysterical

love this picture i found...Daddy's Girl

the discovery of a hidden gem in town...Wonderland Park

the entire Spring and Summer of 2010...we haven't had this kind of weather since I was a child...a real Spring...a hot hot summer with thunderstorms and plenty of weekends at the beach...paradise

I recently had a mole removed and thought it was nothing...I went for a skin check because one of my candidates (who is my age, newly married and with a new little baby), has stage 4 melanoma from one mole. My mole ended up being pre-cancerous and it freaked me out. As much as I love the sun and visited tanning beds in the past...I am sorry to say that those days are over...I am all about sunscreen now. This one little mole has been the most painful and scary experience.


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