Friday, June 12, 2009


So...Lisa took Kayla to the emergency room last Saturday. She was complaining of a sore throat and having a tough time swallowing. They gave her meds and sent her home. On Sunday night Lisa took her right back because it was not getting better. She was sent home again. Finally on Monday, they admitted her. This was all up at Exeter Hospital in NH.

They did a cat scan and some other tests and determined that she had a virus with an infection and they started pumping antibiotics and saline into her via iv. She seemed to be improving and even started to eat some mashed potatoes and jello.

She was released on Wednesday and rested well at home. Yesterday morning she woke up and this time she was worse. Rob took matters into his own hands and per my suggestion of course (even though I would never get the credit AND behind every great man is a woman who kicks ass) brought her to Winchester Hospital where my family goes for all of their treatments. Their doctors are the best and many are affiliated with the big Boston hospitals.

They did their own panel of tests including another cat scan. They determined that Kayla's infection started in the tonsils and it was so severe that an abscess had developed. They also said they would have to put her under and perform surgery to drain the abscess and remove her tonsils.

So Kayla had the surgery last night and she did great. She had a great night of sleep and has been taking her medications orally and even getting some liquids into her orally. It will be a painful two weeks of recovery but she is gong to be okay. Prayers work and we are all so glad we know what it is.


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