Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 09....a LONG overdue getaway :)

So....of course we have been living in fear this last so many other people in our country. In fact, it has been even more tough lately with the instability at my company. So instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and not living for today we decided to seize the day- Carpe Diem! Ahhhhh and it was so worth it.

We booked a last minute overnight trip to the Cape and it was one of the best weekends of our lives.

We stayed in Chatham and decided that if we hit the lottery, Chatham will be the town where we will build our beach house :)

We also decided that it was meant to be...little signs from God- no traffic on the way down and none coming back. The best part though? We get to the Chatham Bars Inn to check in and the Concierge tells Rob...."well you are not in this main building" and he has a slight panic attack thinking of the complaining he will get from me when he gets back to the car....BUT WAIT "it is like you are hitting the lottery are in our new SPA will have one of our spa suites for no additional charge...we have upgraded you." Ummm.....cha ching?

We had to drive around the corner to the building so at first we were thinking "where are we going?" and then we get there and all I can say is WOW! One of the best places if not the best place we have ever stayed....our SPA building was accompanied by a beautiful spa-like pool complete with a japanese garden and cabanas.

Inside...well you will see the pictures...UNREAL!!!!! Our suite had two giant beds with pillow top mattresses...down comforters and down pillows....we had a HUGE flat-screen tv mounted to the wall ABOVE a gas fireplace...a the room! A huge glass shower complete with a steam shower option AND the kicker....a giant jacuzzi bath tub which was HYSTERICAL...getting to that.

We enjoyed a dinner in the Tavern on Saturday night...I finally got oysters on the half shell which were great...actually the best part of the dinner...I got a personal pizza after which was just ok...gave Rob half because he did not like his sirloin parpadelle..pretty bland especially for the price.

The next morning after my power walk on the beach...we decided to try the jacuzzi tub out and as Rob was trying to figure it out...he turns the faucets.... and asks "well where the heck does this thing fill up"....all of a sudden...from the ceiling comes a hard blast of water in a stream...he takes one look up and looks at me in was HYSTERICAL! We enjoyed it as Monk watched on from her car seat....the bath was great...especially with the fireplace going and then the robes were GREAT!!!

After our baths, we headed to breakfast in the main dining room and that was SO WORTH IT!!!! It was a great buffet and Monk had her first taste of breakfast potatoes and pancakes along with her normal bananas and cereal ;)

After breakfast, we headed to the beach to experience Monkey's first time there...snapped some pix and then headed out. It was not a beach day but we are not complaining after that gruesome winter. We checked out and went into town to the shops.

It was such a special weekend and I will never forget it!


Jacinda said...

What an amazing getaway! You look gorgeous all dressed in white for your Cape visit! : ) I love reading your blog. You make life so special... and take pictures of oysters. yum.

TitansFan said...

That's a great bathroom. I have been looking around to find some ideas for mine. I found some really cool Steam Showers and some even integrate a whirlpool tub with the shower enclosure. Would you recommend having a tub separate from the shower?

Jenny Wren said...

I can't/won't get raw oysters here- thanks for reminding me I have to make a point of eating them when we visit in July! Now I want to go stay at the CBI!! Steam shower makes me think of my trip to Holland- I had one in the hotel there and nearly poached myself because I didn't want to get out! Miss you and yes, send me a PW for your blog when you PW protect it.

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