Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Wonderful Mother's Day Weekend!

I feel so spoiled....the joy just kept on coming all weekend long! It is really rewarding to be a Stepmom....some call it the most thankless job in the world...I can tell you, though, nothing has brought me greater joy than Rob's kids who call me their stepmom...I am so thankful for them.

I am also thankful that I am able to share God's greatest gift with the one true love of my life...Rob. We are eagerly awaiting our baby girl and are in the final stretch! Next week, I will enter the final trimester- yippee!!!!

So back to Mother's Day Weekend...Friday night, my mom treated me to a pedicure and manicure and it was just what the doctor ordered!!!

Saturday, I had to go for my glucose screening test and Rob was so nice to get up and come with me...I should get the results early this week!

When we got back, I hopped on over to the Village Bean with Cass and Alexis for our regular coffee date and then we drove around town looking at houses in different neighborhoods of Windham and deciding which areas we were open to moving to, once the market bounces back in a few years!

Later on, I got to enjoy Zack's baseball is so nice just to be outside after our grueling Winter!

After the game, we went to 4pm mass and then Rob's parents treated us to an excellent dinner up at Buckley's Great Steaks in Merrimack. The Buckley's are the extremely talented couple who own Michael Timothy's and Surf both and Nashua and now their newest project which boasts some of the best food we have eaten! The service was superb too!

We also started with an order of their special onion rings and we all agreed that they were the best any of us had EVER HAD...Grammy thinks they were battered in panko flakes...that made sense. They were so light and airy and were definitely made from sweet vidalia onions.

For the main course, I had a RibEye that was sauted in Espresso and Garlic...out of this world! Grammy tried Ostrich for the first time! Rob and Papa both enjoyed various steak dishes as well. The side I got with mine was a wild mushroom risotto...DELISH!

Grammy and I were so full that we passed on dessert BUT the boys endulged. Rob got chocolate raviollis (white chocolate raviolli shaped confection stuffed with pure chocolate fudge and topped with a strawberry coulis. Papa had a coffee flavored creme brule with some mini doughnuts on the side.

We pretty much rolled out to the car- outstanding dinner with plenty of laughs. I got to enjoy some stories of Rob's youth :)

Grammy and Papa also presented me with some very special mother's day gifts. They gave me the most beautiful white gold necklace that says Mom on so choked up. Grammy also got the baby a Kewpie special...and I am so glad it is from her! It is already displayed on the baby's bureau/changing table!

Today was a special day with my family. Rob gave me some beautiful cards that of course made me cry! He also gave me a gift from him and the kids- a facial and massage at Bella Viaggio- I CAN'T WAIT....I feel like it is perfect timing- a little pick-me-up if you will!

This morning, I headed to my mom's first thing for coffee and croissants- our favorite!!! We then headed over to the cemetery to put a beautiful plant on Nani's grave.

Later Rob met all of us and we headed into the North End in Boston for the best pizza in the world- Pizzeria Regina- the original on Thacher St. It was FABULOUS. At 12:15, the line was already down the street BUT 5 seats happened to open up at the bar and we were game! It was so laid back, fun and casual...something we usually don't do on Mother's Day and I can thank my mom for that idea!

After lunch, we walked up to Hanover and grabbed some awesome Gelato at the Gellatoria. We had some belly laughs there too!

I have posted some various pictures from the weekend :_) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of your wonderful mothers, stepmothers, birth mothers and those women who have taken on the role to give a child the best! I respect you all!


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