Monday, May 19, 2008

Amy & Chris's Bridal Shower

Yes....another typical Italian celebration...tons of terrific food...a beautiful venue and presents galore!! It was a fantastic celebration and Amy looked beautiful!!!

What was really funny was that My Auntie Peggy and Amy's Mom told her that yesterday was actually my baby shower. My Auntie actually had my mom send her a fake invitation. Amy is hysterical because she wouldn't leave it alone and kept asking a million questions and trying to nail someone down! The Ceder Crest, where the shower was, actually even had on the function sign "Holly's Baby Shower"..boy we had a laugh!

Chris and Amy got some really fun gifts and everyone had a great time!

I am posting as many pictures as this blog will allow!! :)

Wedding Wedding Wedding!!!! (I am praying I can make is two days after my due date!!)


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