Sunday, September 30, 2007

Villa Breton for the V's

We enjoyed the company of Dave and Tammy last night. Per usual, we shared several laughs over dinner and decided we do not get together enough!

Dave was my first manager at my firm. He has since moved on to start up a sister company for us up in Portsmouth but we do a great job of keeping in touch!

His wife Tammy is the best! We hit it off as soon as we met and found we had lots in common. Time always goes by way too fast when we are with them.

Last night's dinner started with appetizers of shrimp cocktail and mushroom & goat cheese tartlets. The main course was beef tenderloin and stuffed lobster tails. My favorite part of the meal was a new side I made for the first time- couscous, goat cheese and veggie stuffed peppers. Dessert was an assortment of brownies and cookies accompanied by coffee and limoncello creme- delicioso!


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