Saturday, August 18, 2007

He Said Just Keep Counting Crows...

Forgive me if I get a bit nostalgic. Rob took me to a concert last night to celebrate our anniversary. It was three of my favorite bands- Collective Soul, Live and Counting Crows- what a triple bill! They are doing a "summer ballpark tour" and they played at the Fisher Cats Stadium in Manchester. We had a of the most comfortable venues we have been to and such a perfect night weather wise!

As I listened to the Counting Crows, I couldn't help to feel melancholy. The first time I heard them was during the Summer of 94 when I was working for Pro Source in Waltham (a small technical staffing firm).

It was the Summer before my senior year in college and I was editing resumes (gaining work experience in my field right?) the days of summer rolled on and the more I listened to my coworkers wheeling and dealing,..I kept thinking "hey I want to do that!" I begged some of the managers of the firm to hire me...they all said "you are crazy...go enjoy your last year of will never get this time back...go have fun!" At the time, I was frustrated...just wanted to work..especially there. It was so much fun AND we listened to the Counting Crows' Album "August and Everything After" day after day so what more could I want?!

When I did give into their advice and realized it was not even up for negotiation with my parents, the team took me out for lunch for my birthday and gave me a card. They all had wonderful things to say and several people told me I could be a great recruiter some day. One message on the card stood out in my mind. Without having to tell him how much the music impacted me, Rod wished me well and told me how much he enjoyed having me around the office (and some other pleasantries) but he signed off by saying "Remember to Just Keep Counting Crows." Now any time I hear their music from this album..I think of that card (which I still have somewhere).

I am grateful for that time and the lessons I learned from the team at Pro Source. If I had stayed, I would have never received my degree or met my first husband. I would have never taught students from China how to read and write English. I would have never played the biggest part I ever played- Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls (which had been a life long dream!)

I would have never made the mistakes in my life both personally and professionally; mistakes which helped me to grow and become the person I am today. Most importantly, I would have never met my wonderful husband and stepchildren who truly make my life complete today.

I did go into recruiting and I am still in recruiting now...Oh God! I am scared to tell you that it has been over 10 years- EEK!

Now when I hear Rain King, I always go back to the Summer of 94...when I thought I knew everything and life couldn't get much better. I laugh now and think I don't even know half of what I hope to know 10 years from now!

I watch Kayla preparing for college in the fall and I get inspired by her confidence. I also chuckle when she gets indignant and preaches to Rob about all that she knows. I don't know what her song or band will be some day but I hope she can laugh the way I do now...and I will give her my best advice come September...Just Keep Counting Crows....


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