Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Trader Joe's Fall Haul!



Hi Friends and Happy Fall!  Though I am sad to see my favorite season behind us...I think we can all agree that there are beautiful things about fall and moving forward is what we all need right about now!


Every Fall, I do a big "Fall Haul" at TJ's and stock up on all sorts of pumpkin and fall fun.  This past Saturday, I made my annual fall trip and scored some great goodies  and wanted to share with you!


 Fall Harvest Salsa


This was my favorite snack last year with the TJ's cornbread crisps


but we are also going to try the Pumpkin Tortilla Chips with it this year and again with the Leaf Shaped Tortilla Chips

Snagged some of our trusty gnocchi- both the cauliflower and sweet potato ones...I use these for so many of my and Rob's dinners instead of pasta/rice/potatoes

and while we are talking cauliflower...I picked up this "risotto" because a few of you have already recommended it...can't wait to try!

and I always like to have a cauliflower crust on hand too....

For regular bread items, I snagged the Organic Pumpkin Bread which is great for toast/sandwiches

and Pumpkin Bagels

Rob pushed back on this one...said I was going overboard with all of the pumpkin and then the girls surprised him and LOVED these...couldn't get enough- HA!

Need an appetizer in a pinch?  Have a friend dropping by for a glass of wine?  These little gems are perfect- pop them into the oven..they are ready in a flash and nothing is more delicious in the fall!

and for more snackage.....

Some faves....

a baking staple...I always grab a few jars for when I want to make pumpkin bars...

and some more miscellaneous treats to try this fall...

I love reading all about your hauls too...should make for a very delicious fall!



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Suburban prep said...

Love Trader Joe's.
Went yesterday but more because I needed items that we had used up.
Bought a thing or two that we did not need but oh so could not pass up.
love the blueberry waffles. Love the Fall harvest tea. Bought their version of pop tarts but in pumpkin flavor. Love their pumpkin rolls (in the refrigerated section). They have such a grand variety of items.
We usually go at least once a week if not more. We are fortunate that it is only about a mile or two from our home.

Joanne said...

OH wow! look at all those goodies you got. There is a Trader Joes near the hospital where I'll be going for bloodwork this week... I just might have to swing by and see how long the line is to get inside. I haven't been there in ages (it is a good hour away or so!).

Rechelle said...

So many fall goodies! Our last Trader Joe's haul was I think the weekend before they brought out all their fall things, this list has me wanting to go back though!

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Seriously Trader Joe's is the winner when it comes to fall foods! Love it all. Can't wait to make the pumpkin ravioli too.

Sunshine and Books said...

Those fall leaf chips are so cute! I need to find my way to a TJs to get some.

Lovely said...

Such a fun haul! Thanks for sharing.

Good Better Best Food said...

I too love the Harvest Salsa and bought the gluten free pumpkin bagels! Also try the sweet potato crackers, they are glutej free and amazing!


Natasha said...

I so wish there was a Trader Joe's in Canada... It feels like there's so much yummy stuff there.

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