Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday (December 2015)

It's the last Wednesday of the month!  You know what that means!
Time to catch each other up on what has been going DOWWN...I think most of my blogger friends are on vacation so this may not be a "thing" this month, however, I couldn't resist!  Here is my last "What's Up Wednesday" for 2015!

What we're eating this week.....
Back on the health train...for the most part...looking forward to an awesome NYE dinner tomorrow is being catered by The Tuscan Kitchen which is phenom...and I  think I will be making my food purchases from there as well for NYD for our fams

Back to this week...grilled meat and fish and salads....cutting down on carbs and sugar this week!
Find one of my favorite salmon recipes HERE

What I'm Reminiscing About....
Last this sad I unhappy at sick....
and now, every day, I can't feel and share enough gratitude.....
sometimes you really have to go through tough times to appreciate the good ones that come along
So happy to be here now

What I'm Loving...
My Christmas Spirit this year....I started watching the Hallmark Christmas Movies on November 1st.
I lit my holiday candles every day and I am not stopping
I am holding on to every last ounce of spirit through New Year's
I mean...wouldn't you love this view from your desk?

and I am LOVING that my girls are playing is so cute to watch them enjoying each other...

What We've Been Up To
This season was a season of celebrations for sure!

1st Time to do Black Friday with the BFF

Stone Zoo Christmas Lights with Mimi and Papa!

A Recipe Exchange with My Windham Besties

Girls' Weekend at Loon!
Our First Jammie Christmas!

A Holiday Night in Boston with the Ryans- the start of a new tradition!

Annual Night in Boston with Mum- enjoying "Bubbles and Berries" at the new Ocean Prime- amazing!

Annual Christmas Dance Show and Visit with Santa at Carlene Nazarian's!

WWG Christmas Party at Tuscan Kitchen

Neighborhood Christmas Cookie Swap at Renee's
My Holly Berry Wreaths (Thanks Mum for the help!)

Annual Fournier Breton Christmas!

Christmas Eve!

and of course the big Christmas Day!

What I'm Dreading

Snow....Ice...What Else is New?
We have been lucky so far this year in New England...very snow...until yesterday - YUCK!

What I'm Working On
My health...ongoing...back to clean eating and exercise this week!
Oh yeah...and I am also finishing up my 2015 Family Album on Shutterfly!  I really kept up with it....made pages as I went this year!

What I'm Excited About....
Party Hopping on New Year's Eve...blessed with so many friends in town
Excited that my brother and his girlfriend will be joining us this year too!

A quick look back....

NYE 2010 in Lowell...The Dubliner and Cobblestone's with My Love...the sites of our first dates :)

NYE 2011 at The DiPrima's

NYE 2012 at home...with my love...filets and Silver Oak Cab!

NYE 2013 at The Miller's...Great Ladies!

and NYE 2014 again at The Miller's...first time hanging w/ Jess!

What I'm Watching/Reading

Well I am still enjoying a few last Hallmark Christmas movies but I started this wonderful series at Christmastime too and I am now in the middle of Season 2....and I am IN LOVE!  This is a series I am watching on my own...the hubby and I are still deciding on our next series...stay tuned and ALL SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME!
But...for now...have you watched Jane?
Jane The Virgin!

and I just finished the Girl On The is the fastest I have ever read a book...outstanding...SO EXCITED that they are making the movie as I type this!

What I'm Listening To....
My favorite song...and Diana's...right
Stitches by Shawn Mendes

and another recent fave
Drag Me Down- One Direction

What I'm Wearing

My heritage plaid scarf from Nordstrom...the color combo I have is no longer available but you can find a similar one HERE

 My Black Suede Wedge Rockport Boots...go to Zappos...they are my go-to for shoes and boots!

 Also snagged these gold loafers there as well!  LOVE

and as you know, I am beyond thrilled with my find from Nordy's Rack.  You can find similar styles HERE

 and of course my outfit inspired by Christina
You can read about this outfit and other recent fashion in my recent blog post HERE

 What I'm Doing This Weekend

Not looking forward to it but taking the Christmas decorations down...
and some organizing...
and maybe some QT with friends...we shall see!

 What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month?

My husband coming home from his business trip...yes I dread when he travels!
I am also looking forward to going to a gig or two!

 What Else is New?
Going to be more religious about going to the MOM's group playgroups for Eva...she needs to meet some pals :)

Hope you all have a fun, safe and blessed New Year!


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