Monday, March 16, 2015

Insta Month

Oh...what a month!

I have neglected my blog...and so many other things.  I think this Winter, being record-breaking with the obnoxious amount of snow we have had, among other high stress situations in our world, brought my train off the tracks a, I feel, I am getting back to me and where I am supposed to be, in all aspects of life.

As a family, we have had the usual craziness and fun and we have felt our usual gratitude for all of these gifts.

So....we started with a school celebration for Diana...the 100th day of school (no joke, the celebration was delayed because of...yet...another snow storm!)

I took a little PTO to spend some QT with Diana over her February break...tried to distract her (and me) while some of our closest friends were on a Disney Cruise....took her and Alice to Build-A-Bear and Bertucci's

So Diana LOVES this Miley Cirus/Hannah Montana ap on my phone...what I love is how ticked off Rob gets...look at his face- ha ha!!

Lunch with Mimi and Papa to round up a great school vaca week

Purple= the color for EB Awareness
Honored to attend the EB Gala this year...celebrating little Milena

Tubby Time!! many times have I written on this blog how disappointed I have been with election results in our town?  5 million?  Make it 5 million and 1.  Not only was I crushed again but I was shocked and now I am worried.  It was the first time in 12 years, since moving here, that I seriously thought about moving out of town.  My hubby would never let me...but I have never felt this way.  I only hope he is able to help the district continue to move in the right direction.

Despite the results, I was out there working the is a true passion of mine...standing up for something I believe in and fighting till the end...I was bitten by the bug years ago...

Eva LOVES playing with baby wipes...go figure!

Trying puffs for the first time!  (She is sooo skeptical...knows how to pick them up but hasn't grasped how to get them in her flippin cute)

Prepping for the first ECE cheer comp of the season....curlers in!  Ready to go!

and competition time!  Spirit Fest- Hartford CT

Our Mini Ivorys did SO WELL..they placed 3rd for the 8 teams in their group

and isn't this priceless?  Cheer Dads!

and this is how we all feel about this past month....


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