Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Girls' Weekend in Portland, Maine

Oh what fun we had!

Cass and I went up early to walk around and
when the rest of the bunch arrived, we hit one of the oldest restaurants in Portland for lunch...

It is actually a boat!  You eat in the boat...right on the water!!!

and then we hit the shops...they have the most interesting ones....jewelry...art....food....
we endulged at Alex & Ani....at the Salt Shop and even a food store, where we found different olive oils and balsamic vinegars
I also bought a jar of Pink Himilayan salt that I cannot wait to try on our grilled fish and meats

On Saturday night, after shopping and chilling in our hotel room, we had the most amazing dinner experience at Five Fifty Five
We chose the Five Course Meal and we enjoyed FOUR HOURS of the most amazing dining expereince....from salad and appetizers to dinner, cheese, dessert and wine
It was outstanding with lots of laughs too

After dinner, Greer insisted on one more drink at North Point
Although we were tapped out, we obliged and had even more belly laughs

The next morning, we were told to try breakfast at Bintliff's
We ended up waiting an hour and a half...but it was worth it
Since we spent so much time there, we called it brunch

We wrapped up the weekend with a little more shopping
Girl time is so therapeutic...grateful for wonderful friends


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