Friday, September 5, 2014

Insta Friday (September 5, 2014)

life rearranged

A beautiful Labor Day Weekend Getaway with the Grahams

Diana's peace sign looks a bit obscene- ahhh!

Poolside with "Pidge"

We are so in trouble 

ZB off to Sophomore Year at UNH

Sad to say...first time on the bike all Summer

Thank GOD...Market Basket is back!!!  What a fascinating time it was was amazing to see the employees standing up for their leader and the culture he helped to create...even more impressive was the way the customers also boycotted the chain until they fixed the issues/changed the takeover.
We will never forget this was frustrating and expensive but for those of us in the business world, it was educational and I look forward to the case studies on this for years to come

The next three days of school...

Birthday treats from Jill :)

Birthday Dinner made by my love....this was the pre-cursor to our lovely steak dinner

and cupcakes from thoughtful!

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