Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Festival of Trees of 2009

So we enjoyed another year of the Festival of Trees in Methuen! I love watching Mimi get excited...I always think, if I win one of the trees in the raffle, it is going right to her. She loves it so much and I love partaking.

We were noticing how much Diana has changed in a year. Last year, she just stared at me and my sparkly shirt all night...she could barely move...she was just stuffed into her infant seat!

This year she was saying hi to anyone who would look her way...she was in awe by the lights and her personality was out there!

After the show, we enjoyed dinner at the 99 (thanks to Mimi) and Diana ate better than she has in her entire life...she finished a whole grilled cheese (minus the crusts), the squash and her fruit and snackies...boy did she sleep well! While at the restaurant, Mimi started to teach Diana how to color with crayons and it was precious for the 30 seconds that it lasted!


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