Monday, July 2, 2018

4th Of July Weekend 2018's an odd one this year....the 4th of July is on most people celebrate last weekend?  Or will most celebrate next weekend?  Will they take Thursday and Friday off?  Hmmm...strange...anyway...we celebrated this past weekend with my parents for our annual trip to a local beach town.

This year we went to our old favorite Portsmouth...Mama's favorite town in America!

Portsmouth has the best of is a city with lots to do...with a small town feel...lots of culture...and great restaurants AND it is right on the water...

We started by hitting the beach in the next town over...Wallis Sands State Park in Rye...pure bliss...crazy waves (we actually watched two boogie boarders get so scary)...perfect walk out to the parties...lots of refreshing time in the water and lots of sun...we are experiencing a heat wave here in New England and Mama is in her happy place!!

 There was pool time!

We hit up one of our favorites back in Portsmouth- Poco's which is an awesome cantina with the best margaritas you will ever have!

and the yummiest fish tacos...yummo!

and we took some family shots down by the water....

We enjoyed Diana's Voice Recital in Nashua...she made us so proud!  Before the recital, we had dinner at my favorite restaurant Surf so we made it worth the one hour trip and stayed in "vacation mode"

At the recital.....

She sang tomorrow.....

Back at the hotel...time for some selfies...and maybe a little screen time ;)

We ended our weekend celebrating Caden's birthday and Eva gained so much confidence in the pool- she stayed in the water all afternoon and night!!  Miss Greer may have been giving her some free lessons too ;)

As always, Laurel treated us to a top shelf celebration....

and Diana had fun stunting in the pool with the big girls :)

It was the quintessential New England Summer Weekend....and we are grateful!  What were you up to?


  1. Sounds like a perfect 4th of July celebration. We have a lot of traditions on the actual holiday but we also love to celebrate the weekend before with friends.

  2. Love the striped dress! Where did you get it?